Based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, the Riznica Chamber Choir was formed with the intention of performing Serbian, Balkan and other Slavic choral music.
Riznica (read it as Reez'-ni-tza) translates to Treasure Chest. The group's mission is to preserve the very rich heritage of music and language of these areas, much as a treasure chest holds things of a great value.
The Creative Director and co-founder is Dr Jana Minov. She graduated with DMA in conducting at Arizona State University in 2011. She was also Assistant Chorus Master in The Phoenix Symphony Chorus for the season 2010/11. Dr. Minov comes to Arizona from Belgrade, Serbia, where she is a well-known conductor of orchestra and opera as well as choral groups.
Riznica consists of experienced singers from Arizona. While some members have Slavic roots, most do not. But all share an appreciation of Slavic music.
Riznica registered in the State of Arizona in May 2009 as a non-profit corporation, although the choir met for the first rehearsal on March 15th 2008.  This organisation was granted a federal non-profit status 501(c)(3) in October 2011. The Board of Directors consists of singers and co-founders Gordana Stojanovic and Lazo Mihajlovich, as well as Nonie Bernard. The Executive Committee includes people from the Board, Dr. Minov as Creative Director and Nenad Savic as VP. 

As an interim step toward the present official non-profit status, Riznica had being associated with the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language student organization at Arizona State University, sponsored by ASU professor of Slavic languages Danko Sipka. Many ASU students, alumni and staff are presently singing in the choir, or working closely with the choir.
If you are interested in to join us or just to contact us, please visit the page Singers for info or page Contact. 
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