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From the Russian Steppes to the Serbian Valleys

An Evening of Russian/Serbian Choral and Vocal Music 

November 22 2008 7:30PM, Katzin Hall, School of Music, ASU Tempe, AZ

22 November 08 Concert


This concert consists both of spiritual and folk songs from across Russia, Serbia and other parts of Balkans. Known as Orthodox Countries, they have a rich spiritual choral music heritage, a part of which we will present in our performance. Included will be selections from some of the most famous composers from these areas: Chesnokov, Rachamaninov, Kedrov, Gretchaninov,Mokranjac, and others. The second part of the concert will be devoted to the folk heritage of this area. The most beautiful sounds from the Russian steppes and rivers carried on the waves of music to the valleys and hills of Serbia and Kosovo will be pictured.

We were happy to sing for you!



1. Our Father (Otche nash) - N. Kedroff, solo Lazo Mihajlovich, baritone; 2. I Cried With my voice to The Lord  (Glasom moim ko Gospodu vozvah) - A. Arkhangelsky; 3. The Angle Cried Out (Angel vopijashe) - P. Chesnokov, solo Aimee Stewart, soprano; 4. Praise the Lord (Hvalite) – S.S. Mokranjac; 5. Rejoice, oh Virgin (Bogorodice djevo) – S. Rachmaninoff; 6. Creed (Vjeruju) – A. Grechaninoff, solo Gordana Stojanovic, alto; 7. As I shall go on the quick little river  (Kak poydu ya na bistruyu rechku) – Russian folk song; 8. The Amur's waves (Amurskie volny) – Russian song 1903-1905, solo Matthew Terry, tenor; 9. Song-Wreath No. 8 (Songs from Kosovo) (VIII rukovet) – S. Mokranjac; 10. Mirjano (IV rukovet) - S. Mokranjac, solo Patrick Pender, baritone; 11. Under the Starlight (Pod sjajem zvezda) – P. Ivanovic, song from 50s, quartet: Stacey Dowdell, Nonie Bernard, Jerry Cook, Lazo Mihajlovich; 12. Two Serbian Folk Songs, quartet: Jana Minov, Gordana Stojanovic, Nicholas Kasovac, Lazo Mihajlovich; 13. Mom, please tell Dad (Nane kazi tajku) – P. Konjovic, solo Jessica Bernhardt, soprano; 14.  Little snowberry (Kalinka) – Russian folk song, solo Matthew Terry, tenor; 15. The song about Tall Tree (Golema ch’chkalica) – D. Velickovic


The concert was enriched by the exhibition of Serbian/American painter and artist: Aleksandar Saša Tešanović, who presented his work before the concert and during the intermission. You can find more about the artist on http://www.aleksandartesanovic.com/