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Upcoming concert:    
Another Evening of Serbian Classical Music
January 31st 2009 7PM
Love of Christ Lutheran Church
1525 N. Power Rd.  Mesa AZ (show map)
Tickets: $10
Discounted tickets: $7 for seniors over 65, students and children 6-14.
Tickets will be available at the door.
For reserved tickets, please send an email via this link. Please be sure to include your name and the number of tickets you wish to reserve. 

M. Tajčević: Five Serbian Dances, D. Trbojevic: Sonata Rustica: Allegro Ritmico; Radmila Stojanović-Kiriluk

 M. Milojevic: Stara Prica (An Old Story), V. Mokranjac: Etude in Bb Min, O. V. Nešic: Toccata; Snežana Krstić

P. Stojanović: Romance, Song without Words; Danica Terzić and Radmila Stojanović-Kiriluk

 V. Vuckovic: Platform suite; Jelena Vladikovic

 B. Krstic: Before the Storm; Snežana Krstić and Radmila Stojanović-Kiriluk

 P. Konjović: Stojano, from the opera “Koštana”, Sto si Leno? (Why Leno?); Jana Minov and Snežana Krstić P. Konjovic: Nane Kazi Tajku (Mom, please, tell dad); Jessica Bernhardt and Radmila Stojanović-Kiriluk

 S. Binicki: Da su meni oci tvoje (If I Had Your Eyes); Aimee Stewart and Snežana Krstić

 J. Marinković: Oce Naš (Lord’s Prayer), S. S. Mokranjac   Hvalite (Praise the Lord – Excerpt from Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom), VIII Rukovet: Pesme sa Kosova (Song Wreath No.8 - Songs from Kosovo), IV Rukovet (Song Wreath No. 4 - From My Country), Solo: Patrick Pender, Traditional: Niška Banja (arr. Milorad Kuzmanović), D. Velickovic: Golema cackalica; Choir “Riznica” and Jana Minov, conductor

Traditional: Sve dok je tvog blagog oka / Ah, kad tebe ljubit ne smem (Because of your kind eyes / If I cannot love you);  Jana Minov, Gordana Stojanovic, Nick Kasovac, Lazo Mihajlovich; Acc. Radmila Stojanović-Kiriluk; P. Ivanovic: Pod sjajem zvezda (Under the Stars), Stacey Dowdel, Nonie Bernard, Jerry Cook, Lazo Mihajlovich; Acc. Radmila Stojanović-Kiriluk


 * this program is not listed in order for the concert           
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