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The Balkans and Beyond

Sat October 22nd 2011 7pm
We invite you travel with us through Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Ukraine and Russia as we explore songs of love, nature and simple village life expressed in the folk music of this area. We’ll also touch on the spiritual life of these people through their sacred church music. This treasury of music will be presented by the beautiful voices of the Riznica singers led by director Dr Jana Minov, and instruments played by the friends of Riznica: Jason Wiedman - percussion, Radmila Stojanovic-Kiriluk -piano,  Eileen Morgan - accordion  and  Nonie Bernard - flute .
Riznica is also excited to present special guest Mr. Boza Pesakovic, a native of Serbia. Mr. Pesakovic will be playing the powerful folk dance music of this region and will bring you to the valleys and meadows with melodies played on the “frula” the common ethic flute of the area.
Concert will be in Camelback Bible Church, one of the most beautiful acoustic spaces in Phoenix, one  to provide a joy to your ears.

Camelback Bible Church

The address of Camelback Church is  3900 East Stanford Drive, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253. Phone (602) 955-6370, Weekdays 9am-4pm; Sun 9am-12pm.
Tickets are $20 general admission, $13 for students.
Discount group tickets:  5 and more for $15 each, or $10 for students with student ID.
Children under 7  - admission free.
Buy tickets at the door or ahead from Riznica Choir singers and friends.
You can reserve your tickets via email tickets@riznica.org  or contact us via Face Book.
You can also call Camelback Bible Church to ask for tickets.
Do not forget to ask for a group discount 5+!

 Get the flyer for a distribution here.
Review the clip to hear more details about the concert:

Concert Program:

Tebe Pojem /We Priase Thee/, Serbian — Excerpt from the Liturgy, by S.Mokranjac

Glasom Moim /I Cried with My Voice I to the Lord/, Russian — A. Archanglesky

Oce Nash /Our Father/, Ukranian — N. Kedroff

Bogorodice Djevo /Rejoice O Virgin/, Russian — From All Night Vigil, Rachmaninoff

Ne Poy Krasavica /Do Not Sing to Me, Oh Lovely One/, Russian — Rachmaninoff

Sve Dok je tvoga plavog oka /As Long as Your Gentle Eyes Are There/

Ah kad tebe ljubit ne smem /Ah, if I can’t love you/, Serbian old fashion song

XII Rukovet /Twelfth Song Wreath/, Serbian — S. Mokranjac

Tonkaya Ryabina /The Slender Mountain Ash/, Russian — Folk tune, Lyrics Surikov, Arr. Bernard

Dvenadcat' Razbojnikov /Twelve Robbers/, Russian, Ukraininan

Vecherney Zvon /The Evening Bells/, Russian — arr. A. Sveshnikov

Tri Madrigala Three Madrigals, Serbian — K. Babic

I. Tekla Voda Kroz Kalinu The Water Flowed through Kalina

II. Uzori Maro Plow, Maro

III. O, Jablane Klikovane Oh, Whooping Poplar

Golema Cackalica /Song About a Tall Tree/, Serbian — D. Velickovic


Bojerka, Serbian noble dance

Karaguna /Thessalian Woman/, Greek — Old Greek dance, by S, Efthimiadia

Aoleo Frate Peline /Ouch, It Hurts/, Romanian folk song

Oj Moravo Oh, Moravo (River), Serbian folk song

Cija Frula ovim sorom svira / Moravac Serbian frula kmix

Polegnala e Todora Todora /Has Lain Down/, Bulgarian folk song

Niska Banja /The Baths of Nish/, Serbian folk song

Rum Dum Dum, Macedonian folk song — D. Suplevski

Ergen Deda /Bachelor Granddad/, Bulgarian folk song


Riznica soloists who will sing for you in this concert are:

Jessica Bernhardt, Gordana Stojanovic, Nonie Bernard, Dinah Majure, Marilyn Marusich, Nickolas Kasovac and Lazo Mihajlovich.