Our singers are people with different jobs: professors, nurses, engineers, students, accountants, realtors designers and others, but they all share the same passion for the choral music performance, as well as an interest in Slavic culture.
People singing presently in Riznica are:

Jessica Bernhardt, Melanie Bristol, Shelly Cunningham, Gordana Stojanović, Sandy Vernon
Nonie Bernard, Dinah Majure, Marilyn Marushich, Barbara Terzic, Valerie Voigt
Jerry Cook,  Joe Maher, Zachary Marin, Nicholas Kasovac
Lazo Mihajlovich,   Christopher Bremer, Greg Garrison, Robert Wilkinskon,  Robert Majure, Taylor Phillips

 Piano accompanimentRadmila Stojanović Kiriluk, Snežana Krstić
                                                                       Guitar accompaniment: Nenad Savić

Big thanks to all who sang with us previously: Aimee Stewart, Stacey Dowdel, Rada Tierney-Krivošić, Susan Starbuck, Margaret Turner, Tia Coates  - soprano, Esther Boivin, Melinda Merkel Iyer, Mira Mihajlovich, Neda Milešić, Martha Kasovac - alto, Jon Got, Matthew Terry -tenor, Patrick Pender, Rossini Parucci - baritones, Tony Bucci and Peter Decker - basses. They remain the part of Riznica team!

We always keep in our memories our bass, late Don Pender. RIP Don. 

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